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2015 Hop Rhizomes are now available for PRE-ORDER!

Northwest Hops™ is pleased, once again, to offer our quality Hop Rhizomes and Hop Growing information. We have the history and the quality to stand behind our products. Don't be fooled by lower priced brew supply retailers. Our knowledge and know how will help you be successful. We will help you prepare, maintain and harvest your hops with our online knowledge base and experienced growers.

Northwest Hops™ Hop Rhizomes are the real deal. Our rhizomes are generally twice the length of our competitors rhizomes and come from the same fields that the big breweries use. In other words our rhizomes will grow the same hops that are used in many of the Northwest's and America's great beers. Really!

Supply is limited and our rhizomes always sell out quickly. Any quantity welcome, order online!
Please contact if you have questions.

Our Rhizomes are dug in late January up until March. Rhizomes are dug perpetually to assure fresh product.
Shipping starts LATE FEBRUARY to MID-MARCH

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Hop Rhizomes
Hop Rhizome Mini Farm Kit
Pre-Order for Spring 2015
Our Price: $53.00

Now Offering "The Mini Farm Kit"

With the starter kit being such a hit, we thought "why not a mini farm kit?"

What you get...

12 Rhizomes ( a choice between two varieties)

160 feet of coir twine

Hop Rhizome Starter Kit
Hop Rhizome Starter Kit
Pre-Order for Spring 2015
Our Price: $29.49


Now offering a starter kit.
An industry first!

You Get...

  1. 6 Rhizomes (one variety per starter kit)
  2. 60 feet of coir hop twine (75-100lb strength)

Brewforge Hop Stakes
Brewforge Hop Stakes
Our Price: $6.00

Each copper tag is peened from solid copper and imprinted deeply. They are nailed to a fire-toned Cedar stake with solid copper nails. They will develop a great verdegris patina as they weather season after season. We will ship stakes to identify any of your favorite varieties.
Coir hop twine
Coir Hop Twine
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Days
Our Price: $6.00

Coir twine for hops has a breaking strength of 75-100 lbs. For those of you looking for a "green" solution this is it! Made of the coconut husks' fiber this is an environmentally friendly twine that assures no trees were killed. Just coconuts! Lasts much longer than paper twine. Probably not reusable.

You will receive 6 pieces of coir twine @ 20.5 feet each.
Mount Hood Rhizome
Mount Hood Hop Rhizomes
Pre-Order for Spring 2015
Rhizome Each $5.95

The Mount Hood was released in the US in 1989, that came from a triploid seedling of the German Hallertauer variety. The Mt. Hood is the most popular hop in the triploid Hallertau breeding program. This variety is good with pickability, drying and baling. The cone structure is a fairly compact medium structure. The lupulin is yellow in color with a moderate amount. The Mount hood is an aroma variety.
Liberty Rhizome
Liberty Hop Rhizomes
Pre-Order for Spring 2015
Rhizome Each $5.95

Of the four triploid Hallertau varieties the Liberty was released in the
US in 1991. The Liberty most closely resembles the Hallertau cultivar.
The cones are smaller but dense.  They have good pickability, drying and
baling characteristics.  The lupulin is a dark yellow color with
moderate amounts.  This Liberty is an aroma variety that is similar to
imported German aroma varieties.
Cascade Hop Rhizome
Cascade Hop Rhizomes
Sold Out
Rhizome Each $5.95


Released in 1972, the Cascade was the first commercially accepted American bred aroma hop and is now well established in the US. It is one of the most popular hop for craft brewing and great for dry hopping. The Cascade is a cross between the Fuggle and the Russian hop Serebrianka. The compact medium sized cone has a slight square shape to it and has a moderate amount of yellow lupulin. The lupulin develops in tight balls in the cone, which makes it a unique variety. It is good for picking, drying and baling.
Kent Golding Hop Rhizome
Golding Hop Rhizomes
Pre-Order for Spring 2015
Rhizome Each $5.95

The Kent Golding was imported hop from England that was developed by clonal selection from 1790 on a starting from Canterbury Whitebine. It has a light fluffy cone structure that is small in size. The Golding has quite small amounts of pale yellow lupulin. When picking, drying and baling care is needed because it can shatter if too dry. The Goldings are very much desired by brewer's because of their great use for kettle hopping, late hopping and dry hopping.
Centennial Hop Rhizome
Centennial Hop Rhizomes
Pre-Order for Spring 2015
Rhizome Each $5.95


Sometimes called the super Cascade, the Centennial has earned its respect among experienced brewers. Many craft-brewer's today find this to be a very favorable variety because of it's balance. The Centennial is a cross between Brewer's Gold and a selected USDA male. It has a dense compact cone that is medium in size. It has good pickability, drying and baling characteristics. It also has an abundant amount of lupulin that is dark yellow in color. Makes a nice addition to any landscape because of its beauty.

Nugget Hop Rhizome
Nugget Hop Rhizomes
Pre-Order for Spring 2015
Rhizome Each $5.95

leased in 1982, the Nugget is a cross between Brewer's Gold and a high alpha-acid male with good storage properties. It is an important high alpha variety in the US as well as Germany. The Nugget is a great variety for picking, drying and baling. It has a cone structure that is heavy, tight and moderately long. The lupulin from the Nugget is abundant with a yellow-orange color.